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digital creative firm 

digital creative firm 

digital creative firm 

digital creative firm 

digital creative firm 

At American Digital Studios, we revolutionize digital narratives for leading brands. By blending innovative design with state-of-the-art development techniques, we harness over 20 years of industry brilliance.

Globally recognized, we’re your ultimate partner in digital transformation.

American Digital Studios

Trusted By 1500+ Brand Owners

Discover Our Excellence

Explore our portfolio showcasing cutting-edge websites across 350+ industries. Each project exemplifies our commitment to superior quality, innovation, and technical prowess.

Custom Websites


Finance and Banking

Real Estate

Education and E-Learning

Travel and Hospitality

Entertainment and Media

Professional Services

Hospitality and Food Service

Versatile Development Expertise

Explore our proficiency in platform development, custom solutions, and mastery across various programming languages.SExplore our portfolio showcasing cutting-edge websites across 350+ industries. Each project exemplifies our commitment to superior quality, innovation, and technical prowess.


Features You Need, Budget You Love

Compare Packages & Build Your Ideal Website.

Silver Startup

Perfect For

Budding entrepreneurs ready to ignite their online presence.

Included services

  • Web Design
  • Secure Contact Form
  • Easy Updates
  • Free Consultation
  • Mobile-First Design with Responsive Frameworks: Flawless user experience across all devices (phones, tablets, desktops) built with Bootstrap or similar frameworks.
  • Professionally Curated Stock Photo Integration: High-resolution, royalty-free images to enhance visual appeal and brand storytelling.
  • Secure Contact Form with CAPTCHA Integration: Streamline customer inquiries while preventing spam with advanced security measures.
  • SEO Jumpstart with Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization: Optimized content structure and targeted keywords to improve search engine discoverability.
  • Secure SSL Certificate (HTTPS): Encrypted data transmission for user trust and improved search ranking.
  • Easy Content Updates (Up to 2 Pages): User-friendly CMS (optional) or drag-and-drop editing for effortless content management.

Gold Business

Perfect For

Ambitious businesses poised for growth and audience expansion.

Included services

  • Social Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Analytics
  • Content Updates
  • Free Consultation
  • Everything in Silver Startup, plus:
  • Up to 5 Unique Website Pages with Custom HTML/CSS:** Showcase your services, story, and team with unique design elements.
  • Custom Design with Brand Identity Integration: Brand-specific fonts, color palettes, animations, and graphics for a cohesive online presence.
  • Advanced SEO Optimization Strategy: In-depth competitor analysis, strategic keyword targeting, and link-building strategies for sustainable growth in search rankings.
  • Social Media Integration with Optimized Sharing: Seamless integration with popular platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and optimized sharing buttons to amplify reach.
  • Basic Website Analytics with Google Analytics: Track website traffic, user behavior, and conversions to gain valuable business insights.
  • 3 Months of Complimentary Cloud-Based Hosting: Reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime, DDoS protection, and automatic backups.
  • More Content Updates (Up to 5 Pages): Flexible content management options with CMS or manual updates depending on your needs.

Platinum Corporate

Perfect For

Established companies seeking to solidify their dominant online presence and engage users.

Included services

  • Brand Design
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Custom CMS
  • Email Integration
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Free Maintenance
  • Everything in Gold Business, plus:
  • Up to 10 Unique Website Pages with Dynamic Layouts:** Leverage advanced frameworks (e.g., ReactJS) for dynamic layouts, interactive elements, and enhanced user experiences.
  • Optional E-commerce Functionality with Secure Payment Gateways: Secure shopping cart solution integrated with popular payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal) for seamless online transactions.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – User-Friendly Options: Choose from popular CMS platforms (WordPress) or a custom CMS tailored to your specific needs.
  • In-Depth Website Analytics & Reporting (Google Analytics, Heatmaps): Gain deeper insights into user behavior, user journeys, conversion funnels, and A/B testing capabilities for continuous improvement.
  • Email Marketing Integration with Campaign Management Tools: Integrated email marketing tools (MailChimp, Constant Contact) for building targeted campaigns and nurturing leads.
  • Priority Project Management & Dedicated Support: Dedicated project manager and developer team ensure a smooth workflow and address inquiries promptly.
  • 6 Months of Free Managed Cloud Hosting: Secure and reliable hosting with automatic backups, security updates, and performance optimization.
  • Unlimited Content Updates Throughout the Project: Ongoing content management and support to keep your website fresh and engaging.

Enterprise Web Apps

Tailored For

Businesses demanding cutting-edge functionalities and bespoke web applications to revolutionize their online presence.

Included services

  • Web Design
  • Web Application
  • Brand Design
  • Graphic Design
  • User Security
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Ongoing Support
  • Free Consultation
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Free Maintenance
  • Everything in Platinum Corporate, plus:
  • Custom Web Application Development with Modern Frameworks: Build custom web applications using cutting-edge frameworks (e.g., Angular, NodeJS) to meet your specific needs and functionalities.
  • Seamless API Integrations for Enhanced Functionality: Integrate with essential services like CRM, ERP, payment processing platforms, and social media APIs for a unified ecosystem.
  • Secure User Account Management with Multi-Factor Authentication: Advanced security measures like password hashing and multi-factor authentication protect user data.
  • Scalable Architecture Built for Growth (Cloud-based): Built for scalability to handle increasing traffic, data volume, and future expansion.
  • Advanced Security Measures with WAF & Intrusion Detection: Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection and intrusion detection systems safeguard your valuable data.
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support Services: Dedicated team provides ongoing bug fixes, security updates, performance optimization,

Clear & Simple Process

Gathering Information

After the initial contact I’m informing about my availability and sending a design questionnaire to fill.

Designing Your Store

After a 50% upfront payment and a design questionnaire is filled we start working on the design.

Design Delivery

After design approval, the remaining payment is due. You'll then receive your web design file.

Response within a hour
unlimited rounds of feedback
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